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Throw Some Blood In The Water

If you want to swim with the sharks, throw some blood in the water.

The only problem with swimming with sharks, is that it is risky. It is uncomfortable, and you might just get bitten.

In any avenue in life, the people at the top are the sharks. That can be sport, business, art, or Tiddliwinks. They are the top of the food chain. The alphas of the world. They have an air about them that makes them contagious.

Especially in today’s plugged in culture, we often see these people as the ones with large followings, posting some motivational speech or inspirational message. While these people are well meaning, social media followings don’t make a shark.

Sharks are independent. Ruthless in a way. I mean, you don’t get to the top without leaving some bite marks. They fight their way to the top. Sharks are hungry, and don’t care about the opinions of others. That’s why people are drawn to them. It’s why people will get into the ocean wrapped in a cage just to get close to a Great White. When you see that power, you want some part of it. We are drawn to that level of status or independence. There’s a reason a show about business and entrepreneurship is called “Shark Tank.”

But the best way to feel the presence of that power, is to “put some blood in the water”. There’s got to be some effort that goes into it. Blood, Sweat, and Tears is a motto for a reason. To “put some blood in the water” means is to put out content, even if people don’t like it. “Put some blood in the water” is to share your opinion, even if it is unpopular at times. It may bring some backlash with it. Sharks may bite each other amid the feeding frenzy. But you won’t know that until you find yourself among them. And the only way to find yourself among the sharks, is to throw some blood in the water.

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