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Training For The Future, Current, and Former Athlete

Whether you're the parent of a young athlete needing physical development, a current athlete needing to enhance their strength and conditioning for their sport, or someone who just wants to train like an athlete as they pursue health and longevity, there's something here for you! Below you can find our different programs for each goal and stage of life!

Now you may be asking, "Who counts as an athlete?" An athlete is anyone who has a goal in mind and wants to challenge themselves to achieve it. There is no age or ability which makes one an athlete!


Online and in-person training for those looking to build strength, and potentially test their skills in competition as a powerlifter! This program is great for former athletes looking to use skills gain in training, and for those who are just looking for a competitive outlet to make themselves better!


Our Flagship program for middle and high school athletes, which combines individualized performance training within a group setting! Train alongside other athletes, all while on your own dedicated program. And if you can't make it to training, we've got an online option for you that can be done on your own time!


Whether you're a former athlete trying to keep at it, or you're new to the gym, Strongevity is the way to go! Strongevity is personal training with a performance feel. Our personal training utilizes principles from the collegiate and professional sport world to optimize health and build longevity. This is based on the individual to meet you where you're at, and to be as holistic of an approach as possible! 

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