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The Strong Future Model of Performance

If you've followed me and my work for any duration, you've probably noticed a hashtag that is included on basically every post.

I put it everywhere. It's in the logo for Littauer Strength Training for a reason. I've written about this topic, and the Strong Future Model of Performance before, but I want to approach an important key concept in bringing this to light: building it into daily habits.

I use that hashtag a lot too: #DailyHabits. Because daily habits are what compound to build brick walls that lead us to better outcomes.

Here's how the Strong Future Model of Performance fits into training these days at Littauer Strength Training:

  1. The Body is the vessel and the groundwork. We train in a way that leads to building a stronger body in the domains of strength (force output), mobility (injury prevention), power (rapid expression of force), and leanness (bodybuilding style accessories and healthy eating). Everything for the body is built on a style of training.

  2. The Mind is driving force. Neurologically speaking, the brain controls everything we do. But from a mental state, we need to have set things we do that create habits. This may be making your bed every morning, eating breakfast each day, going for a walk, or journaling. Which things an individual chooses is up them, but we encourage habits on a daily basis. One thing we do, however, is start of each week with a quote listed in the initial instructions of workouts that hopefully will inspire some thoughtfulness.

  3. The Spirit is how we tie it all together. Now, while a believer in Jesus, I treat this personally as being rooted in faith, but we integrate it into training in a much different way. It should also be noted that the Mind and Spirit are uniquely intertwined. This is implemented in our training through "mental training" blocks that ask specific questions. They get you to think beyond just training.

The reason we incorporate this into daily practices, is that we can also track progress of how one develops over time. We can track physical progress by tracking weights used and loads across exercises and sessions for a long time. But we can also ask the same questions, and compare responses. We can track how consistent we are in our daily habits, and how often we skip out on those daily habits.

Ultimately, our goal is to incorporate all of these factors into a single health practice. To have daily habits that bring joy to your Spirit, strength to the mind, and improve the body. All of this can be done daily, and when truly considered it can be of tremendous benefit to our health and performance!

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