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Why I'm Giving Away Free Exercise Plans

Recently, I made all of the programs I offered on the websites to be free of charge. This change was instigated recently as I was hired for a new job.

I was recently hired by a Gold's Gym location for a job as a personal trainer. Gold's, as you may know, is one of the largest corporate gyms in the world! They have franchises and locations scattered across the world. Most corporate gyms (Lifetime Fitness, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc) have a clause that limits their personal trainer's operations to their gym only. Online programming, personal training, or coaching at other facilities could be grounds for termination. Essentially, you aren't allowed to make money on fitness outside of their gym.

Instead of taking the exercise programs I've written and removing their availability to the public, I decided to take another route. My father was the first to point out that I could have made money on the plans, and asked why I would just give them away. He has a point: why lose an opportunity to make money on something I put a lot of time, effort, and thought into? It's a good question, so here's why...

Photo: Ross Landino

Fitness, no matter what type of training you partake in, isn't easy. There's no one-size-fits-all formula to get in shape, and I as a coach/personal trainer know that. I started lifting weights when I was 15 (almost ten years ago), and just like everyone I had to start somewhere. I was 5'5" and maybe 125lbs dripping wet, couldn't bench 100lbs or squat my own bodyweight close to parallel. But someone decided to help me, and when they passed on all they knew, someone else came along and taught me all they could. Not one of them ever charged me for their brief snippets of time or advice. They simply wanted to help. And now it's my turn.

I wanted to provide affordable exercise programs due to the frequent times that I'd been asked for help, or if I could write a plan for someone with limited funds. And what is more affordable than something that is free? Fitness shouldn't be limited to the well endowed.

Everyone needs a little help. I've had an overwhelming amount of help along the way. I had 3 different weight training teachers in high school. I've had 3 different CrossFit gyms allow me to clean and do maintenance in exchange for membership. I got into weightlifting because someone thought I had potential, and he didn't want me to pass up an opportunity to see what I was made of.

I understand that gyms can be scary or intimidating. Heck, Planet Fitness' business model relies on removing elements of fitness in order to present a less intimidating environment (and they're obviously succeeding), because they understand that aspect.

Everyone who has ever gotten anywhere in fitness, didn't get there without help. I had plenty of it, and now it's my turn to pay it forward. That is why I decided to give what I have away for free, and will do so as frequently as I can afford to.

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