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Strong Future Performance


Can't make it to train in person, or running on a tight budget? Strong Future Performance offers an all online, remote coaching programming all year round, designed to be doable at any gym!
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Personalized training, in a group environment, with hands on coaching! Train in an environment with other likeminded individuals in pursuit of high performance and a Stronger Future! 
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Who Is Strong Future Performance For?

Strong Future Performance is designed for the middle school and high school athlete, who wants to build muscle and improve athleticism! Regardless of the sport or training experience, Strong Future Performance is designed for the next generation of hard working athletes! With an online option providing an affordable training program which allows you to train on your time and in a standard gym setting, or an in-person group which allows you to get personalized training in a group setting, Strong Future Performance brings high performance training to young athletes across Western North Carolina and beyond!

Both the online program and in person training programs deliver through TrainHeroic, allowing you to have access to all your workouts, with demonstration videos and training insights across all your time training!

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Strong Future Performance Online posts four workouts per week, with workouts tailored to improve speed, strength, power, and conditioning. With interactive tracking and metrics from TrainHeroic, you'll be able to see your progress over time as you develop! Plus, you'll have access to the coaching staff to answer questions in the program group chat, as well as an opportunity to compete with others on the program during tested exercises, circuits, and conditioning efforts. With an affordable cost and no contract obligations, you'll be able to train hard year round!

Strong Future Performance can be found online on the TrainHeroic Marketplace, or simply by clicking the button below!

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Personal Training

Strong Future Performance

Get customized training, without breaking the bank! With the Strong Future Performance Program, you'll be put on a program which best meets your goals and your needs, and will complete it under the supervision of our coaching staff. Regardless of your age, ability, or experience, you will be put on your own training program which is tracked and delivered through TrainHeroic. Once on a program, you'll be able to attend "open coaching hours" to complete your training and get feedback from coaches as you complete your training program!

This training opportunity is unique to our area, as we've partnered with a local Western North Carolina gym to provide hands on coaching. When you sign up for training, you'll get a personal assessment to identify your top needs and current abilities, set your goals, and get setup on your training plan. With five days of training opportunities each week from 3:30-6:00pm at NC Open Gym in Arden, you'll be able to have a flexible training schedule year round!

Semi-Private training is offered with per session packages, or a monthly option with unlimited training! Want more info? Send us a message and we'll get back to you with all the info you need!
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