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Pursuing A Stronger Future

We've all been through a whirlwind recently, with national lockdowns due to COVID-19 that have caused business shutdowns, unemployment increases, and the end of sports seasons for athletes. Among the slew of Zoom calls, webinars, and Twitter discussions, hopefully you've had time to sit and reflect. To review your habits, methods, and goals for yourself and your athletes.

Admittedly, I have attended none of those Zoom calls or webinars. No virtual "Coach's Cocktail Hours" or conferences. As someone who is both introverted and introspective, I have spent the past six or seven weeks doing things by myself and reflecting. I've actually been filling my time moving and downsizing certain aspects of the training facility I manage, and among the nearly constant farmer's carries of equipment and the painting of walls I've reflected on the past 3 years of coaching.

On my first job at a Gold's Gym, and training weight loss clients in the general population. On finally getting a break into sport performance and working with kids. On burning out and disappearing into the woods for two months under weight depression and thoughts of suicide. On returning to the same private facility eight months ago and rebuilding it after the old director tanked it.

It's these times of introspection that I think are vital to maintaining a purpose driven and a life of impact.

Photo credit: Jason Hulbert
The answer to why we do anything is not one we have to go out looking for, but rather have to dive into ourselves to find.

When I left my job last year, I wrote a blog on how these introspective times helped guide that decision, and on Instagram left with one final sentiment:

The Future Is Stronger

I don't think I've fully known what that's meant until now. Everything I do comes back to strength. I want to have a stronger future for myself, for my family, and anyone I work with.

I've realized that I adopted the term "strength coach" faster than I adopted "Strength and Conditioning Coach". I love strength, and I want to make strong humans. Not just averagely strong, but a weird type of strong. The type of strong that people feel when they are the presence of someone. That doesn't mean large and bulky, but to have a powerful presence. To make people who are dependable, reliable, and good humans.

So that's where we're going to go. I've talked a lot about youth development, which is good, but it's not where my passion lies. My passion lies in strength, and helping people become the strongest they can be.

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