Developing stronger Bodies, Minds, and Spirits in pursuit of a Stronger Future

A Three Pillared Pursuit To Health and Performance

The Body

To build a body that is strong, lean, mobile, and powerful, we have to train in a manner that develops these qualities in congruent fashion. Through individual training, both online and in person, and through online training teams for multiple goals such as Strong Future Weightlifting, Super Strong (Powerlifting and Weightlifting), and the Strong Family (general fitness).

The Mind

True progress is developed by developing the mind. The main tenets of developing the mind is the pursuit of education, a growth mindset, discipline, and logical reasoning. This is developed through the learning and utilization of multiple training methods, building consistent and productive habits, and the sharing of easily digestible fact-based information.

The Spirit

While some may relate the spirit to a religious pursuit, it can also be the basis for building a stronger future. A strong spirit is humble, peaceful, grateful, and serves others. Through the development of habits, mindset, and learning, we can develop the spiritual skills needed to master the mind and body in a way that leads to a stronger future for ourselves and others.

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Nathanael Littauer is the founder and owner of Littauer Strength Training, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and USA Weightlifting Level II coach with a background in nine different competitive sports. With over a decade of sport performance training experience, and nearly a decade of coaching experience, he brings coaching and programming together to develop each individual's physical, mental, and spiritual strengths. Since starting LST in 2017, he's worked in CrossFit gyms, big box gyms, and in Strength and Conditioning, and identified the key things that make each successful and what they lack. He takes this knowledge and applies it into a unique approach that improves fitness, strength, and performance!

When he's not in the coaching, he still competes as Weightlifter and Powerlifter, and enjoys spending time hiking, baking, and reading!



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