Strong Future Weightlifting

The Strong Weightlifting Team is an online weightlifting team for those looking for scientifically backed training, with community and coaching support! This is for those wishing to improve in the competitive weightlifting movements of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

This online team provides five training sessions per week, with a "3 Days, 1 Day Off, 2 Days On, 2 Days Off" schedule. Training sessions are conveniently delivered straight to your phone through the TrainHeroic App on your phone, which will allow you to see sessions the day before they are scheduled to be done. These sessions include:

  1. A daily warmup circuit of active mobility drills

  2. Two to three Main weightlifting movements based on either percentages or a daily maximum effort.

  3. One to two hypertrophy blocks designed to build muscle and prevent injuries

Worried that your gym might not have what you need? That's been taken into consideration as well. As long as you have a barbell, plates, and a squat rack you'll be set to go! Any exercise that requires equipment comes with a substitution list of exercises that can be swapped out conveniently and efficiently in the app for a similar exercise variation that will check the same box as the goal we're after.

Worried that you'll miss a workout because of time conflicts? Sessions are easily movable within the TrainHeroic App. Let's say you missed a Tuesday session because work had you tied down, your kid got sick, or life just happened. You can go back at some point during the week, and hit "Start Session" on that Tuesday workout you missed, and TrainHeroic will instantly switch it to the day you're doing the session.

Why is it called the The Strong Future Weightlifting team? Because we're aiming to build a a physical, mental, and spiritual skills defined our strong future model of performance. When you join you're invited to join the Team Facebook group, where you can interact with the coaches and other members of the team, share videos for form checks, asks questions, and get premier access to information that can help take your physical performance to the next level!

Sound good? It gets better! You get all of this access for less than a $1/day! At $25/month, you're getting training, feedback, accountability, and an online community that's with you every step of the way! Click the button to get started!