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Strong Future Wrestling

Strong Future Wrestling is an online off-season wrestling program. This program is designed to setup high school wrestlers for success in their future seasons on the mat by improving Strength, Power, Conditioning, Flexibility, and Speed! This program is delivered straight your phone through TrainHeroic, and easily modifiable to any gym. Plus, unlike many online programs, it comes with accountability and monthly virtual meetings where you can ask questions, learn about wrestling specific topics, and learn how to increase your performance for next season!

How It Works

Strong Future Wrestling is an eight month training experience starting on April 3rd, and running all off-season until October 28th! Each week will consist of 3-5 workouts with different aspects of mobility, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Once you sign up, you'll gain access to TrainHeroic for your training program and the team group chat.You'll also get links for Monthly Zoom calls on the first Monday of each month explaining expectations, and dive into a specific topic of how to improve your wrestling performance with nutrition, recovery, and mindset!

How Is It Different From Other Programs?

Strong Future Wrestling takes the hard work ethic wrestlers are known for and channels it into a scientific approach for strength and conditioning. This program is designed to help athletes train hard AND train smart when it comes to achieving their best performance on the mat. Plus, with the ability to compete with a group of wrestlers beyond just your local club team and high school in order to push and challenge yourself.

How Much Does It Cost?

Early bird registration runs until April 1st, and gets you full access for $25/month! Late Registration after April 1st is $35/month.

Are you a coach looking to get the whole team on board? Send us a message at to get some options for full team training and access!

How Do I Sign Up?

Click the box below and fill out the information, selecting "Strong Future Wrestling" on your reason for training. Then, you'll get an email from the coaching staff on the next steps!

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