Speaking, Consulting, and Clinics

Whether you are a school, gym, or training facility, sometimes a little outside help can give you the little edge you're looking for to take it to the next level!


Keeping up with the evolving sports science and research regarding training can be difficult. Especially in school settings, finding the right education sources for coaches, students, and members can be time consuming and costly. Education topics range include but are not limited to:

-Long Term Athletic Development

-Lifestyle Design for High School Athletes

-Weight Training Programming for High School Athletes

Consulting & Programming

Looking for an outside audit for your programming, coaching, or overall program at your school or facility? Looking to take some of the load off of your sport coach's hands? Perhaps you're designing a weight room on a tight budget? Sometimes an outside perspective can help improve efficiency and effectiveness within an organization. 

Whether it's assessing your program, providing your organization with consistent programming, designing a weight room, or a combination of the above, LST is here to help!



While most use the weight room as a way to increase sport performance or fitness, the technical nuances that maximize safety and effectiveness of lifts and athletic movements can be lost in the mix. Bringing in a specialist can be a great way to help students and members take their strength and performance to the next level!

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