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This program was used during a 16 week semester during "athletics period" classes. A large part of this is program is based on the needs of my athletes and students, but the exercises across time and the periodization was key for us. Something to note here:


-Context: this program was carried out during a 16 week semester where the students were mostly in-season football players with very little periodized training experience. Some of the days are blank due to holidays and breaks that occurred during that semester. 


-Developmental Groups: Students were broken up into 2 groups, (1&2) based on the criteria in the Zip Folder. The template shows 4 groups, but based on the collective assessment using the criteria, Groups 1&2 were consolidated into 1 Group (Group 1), and Groups 3&4 were consolidated into 1 Group (Group 2). 


-Reps In Reserve (RIR): based on how new these students were to training, percentages can get skewed. Due to this, we used RIR as our main regulator of weight selection. See the RPE/RIR chart for descriptors.


16 Week High School Strength Program w/ Resources

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