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Bridging The Gap of Knowledge and Content

You ever feel like there's too many fitness professionals out there? Ever wonder how to decipher the amount of training info out there? How to sort through the good content and bad content?

If you do, don't worry, you're just like everyone else. Including the fitness professionals who are posting. When we look at health and fitness, it seems like everyone has got an opinion and has some form of workout or health tip to share. We share exercises, diet tricks, meal plans, and shake weights. People make killings off of social media posts in regards to fitness, and the sad part is, there's a lot of people that sell snake oil.

A few months ago, some dude sent me a DM asking me if I ever thought about posting educational content on Instagram, but he thought educational content on training was infographics and specific tips. But when we look at education, we have to understand that the purpose of education is to drive understanding. When we understand concepts versus just trying to memorize things, we start to begin to understand what is bullcrap and what is legitimate information.

This is the inspiration behind my series of IGTV videos called "Concepts In Training" which dive into a different concept each week. Many of these revolve around things such as programming, developing specific skills, and understanding the context in which training can be applied. Why do we put the effort in for those though? Because when we understand we can begin to make better decisions in application. Because what Jillian Michaels says as a blanket statement needs more context, and what Dr Oz says half the time is garbage, and because the person screaming through the phone at you to say Keto is the way is not looking at your own genetic makeup and physical needs.

So we must start with understanding or seeking to understand. When we understand baseline levels of knowledge, we start to develop the ability to bridge the gap between good and bad content.

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